Get Rid of the Bedbugs in 4 DIY Ways

One in every ten houses is infected with bed bugs. Even businesses aren’t spared with these pests. They are so tiny in size but they can leave a serious physical and mental health effect on people. It ranges from infections to allergic reasons, sometimes even PTSD. La punaise du lit are deemed health hazards. Now that you are aware of their presence around the world and the effects, you may want to get rid of these bugs by yourself if your home is infested as well. There are many options available like diatomaceous earth, insecticides, and heat methods. Let this article guide you.

  1. Confirm the bed bug infestation first

Bed bugs live where the source of food is, meaning, you. Hence, they live on the beds and are called bed bugs, duh! This is the first and foremost place to conduct your inspection on. Seek for the bugs which resemble the size of an apple seed. If they aren’t fed then their brown bodies may seem flatter and more oval in shape. If they are recently fed, then their bodies may seem elongated and take on a reddish brown color. The places you must definitely check are the cracks and crevices. Also, the piping that lines the edge of your mattress must be checked. Besides bugs, also look out for droppings or yellow colored shells. If you have red welts or patches on your skin, then this is also a foolproof sign of infestation. These bugs also render you sleep deprived as they feed on your blood all night.

  1. Using insecticides

Always choose an EPA approved product. These products are proven to be effective. They are deemed botanical insecticides and are lethal for bugs. They also bring to surface the hidden rodents and kill them. These sprays are effective on killing other insects as well. They are super affordable and are widely available in stores.

  1. Using diatomaceous earth

They are also known as DE or desiccants that destroy the waxy coating on the external body parts of the bed bug. Once it is ruined, the moisture on the bed bug’s body is lost and dried up, hence killing them. Bed bugs cannot resist desiccants by any means as they have a physical mode of action. They also tend to stay effective for a long time keeping future infestations at bay.

  1. Heat treatments

Thermal solutions also kill the hidden bedbugs effectively. The temperature needs to be no less than 130 degrees F. As insecticides and desiccants are full of chemicals, heat treatment only uses water to work. Hence, this process is deemed an ideal and safer choice for getting rid of bed bugs.

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